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    No ReadyBoost option available on ICS?




      I wanted to boost performance on my ICS (STCK1A32WFC) by using Windows 10 "ReadyBoost". Sadly, I can't - there is no tab available under pendrive properties. I tried with variety of different pendrives and sd cards. Same cards work and can be used with "ReadyBoost" option on my laptop.

      Am I doing something wrong or is this problem connected to specific construction of ICS?


      Thanks for help. Hope, somebody will solve this problem.

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          ReadyBoost is a caching technology designed to improve the performance of (slower) HDDs. It overcomes the rotational and seek time delays of HDDs using solid-state media that does not have these delays. In the ICS, your boot device is a SSD. It is solid-state media that (also) has no rotational or seek time delays. ReadyBoost technology is thus not going to improve its performance. Windows sees that this is the case and does not offer the ability to enable the feature.