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    Configure Intel Edison with GUI


      Hello everyone,


      I was wondering if there is any way to configure edison without commandline to change its name or wifi settings.

      There is GUI support available right now to do this in this link.  so I wanted to know that can I have access and edit  the files myself where those commands and scripts are saved that take input from command line and edit the conf files accordingly..

      Can I do it myself ?


      Example Scenario:-   Suppose I want to remove extra instructions and want to edit device name only. Now I give my edison to a friend and tell him to start edison in AP mode and say (by following the given link's instruction),   one page will open in your browser and you have to setup your device name there.



      So where can I find those html files and scripts in edison to edit myself ? I think the example scenario is perfect for what i want to ask.

      It seems weird to ask this question here but I feel that this is the best place you can get your specific answer from.


      Thank you.