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    Intel Edison Module Overheating (Burning hot)


      Hi everyone,


      I recently attached my Edison boards to a stack of Sparkfun boards including the:

      - Battery block

      - Base block

      - 9DOF block

      - uSD card block


      I soldered a JST connector onto the battery block and attached a 2000mAh Li-Ion battery. Basically, this setup has been working for me for the past month with no problems and yesterday one of my Intel Edison boards heated up significantly to the point where I smelled it burning, and in fact it burnt my finger when I touched it. Today, the board no longer works at all.


      The odd thing is that my second board which is in similar conditions began heating up significantly today as well. I moved it off of the stack and put it onto the large Arduino breakout board with no connections other than the serial connection to the console and the power jack, and it is still heating up significantly to the point where I'm scared of leaving on and frying it.


      This appears to be a hardware issue... Does anyone have any ideas as to what could have caused it? Any and all ideas are welcome!