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    nuc6i5 linux


      Is anyone successfully running any linux distribution on the NUC6i5SYK?


      I asked a question about my woes with linux-mint earlier, and got no reply.


      So now I'd like to know what distro works. Which kernel version supports both the video card and the wifi/bt peripheral without crashing every 10 minutes?


      Thanks for any pointers!



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          Ubuntu 15.10 works fine with my NUC6i3SYK, video (dp+hdmi), wifi, bt, basically everything. I suppose it would work with the i5 version as well. Ubuntu 14.10 also works, but lacks the support for wifi.

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            The 6i5 version has different wifi/bt chip and a different gpu, so I would not necessarily expect running on the 6i3 as evidence that it will run on the 6i5.

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              They do share the same wifi/bt chip. The integrated graphic is indeed slightly different.

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                Thanks. Your link confirms that I'm sort of screwed for the time being.


                6i5 has Skylake graphics. From your link


                Warning: The i915 Intel DRM driver suffers from various bugs that can result in kernel errors, GPU crashes and even complete system freezes.

                There are no pending fixes for DRM bugs in latest kernel versions (last tested on 4.5-rc2).


                The suggested workaround is to disable hardware graphics rendering in chrome and such. :/

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                  Use i915.enable_rc6=0 for now

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                    I actually use mint 17.3 rosa with kernel 4.3.3 on a nuc6i5

                    and have no problems with graphics or wifi.

                    On an interesting note; when using kernels 4.4 and newer cinnamon keeps crashing.

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                      I certainly experienced crashes on a vanilla mint 17.3 + 4.3.3 kernel (the 4.3.3-040303-generic build).


                      Are you using any extra boot params like that i915.enable_rc6=0 ?


                      Trying that under 4.5.0rc4. Not crashing, but the graphics are super glitchy. Everytime I change window focus, I see all kinds of speckley shakeys flickering everywhere.

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                        Trying this right now. Kernel vmlinuz-4.5.0-040500rc4-generic.


                        No crashes so far - 16 minutes - but graphics are super glitchy, e.g. every time I change window focus, the screen flickers like crazy.

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                          Yes super glitchy indeed.

                          (but I did not yet try that extra boot param)

                          That is why I reverted back to 4.3.3.

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                            I take it that the screen does not flicker so badly when you use this option?


                            I find this machine to be unusable, even though it is no longer crashing so often. I can't read text on it for sure. Sigh.


                            I actually expected "OS Supported: Linux Mint" to mean that it would work out of the box, like it has on a number of other machines.


                            Jeebers. Going to try ubuntu 15.10 next, see if that's any different. I hope that it works, but even if it does, that is a compromise for me.


                            Plus all of the time spent trying different kernel versions, and so on.


                            Sorry, don't mean to be ranting at you, yuvadm, but I am quite frustrated with this purchase.

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                              I'm very much wondering if I got flaky hardware. Running 4.3.3 right now, still seeing lots of video glitches. 

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                                Hi nilc,


                                In regards the graphics performance I suggest you to install below Linux driver.


                                INTEL GRAPHICS INSTALLER FOR LINUX* 1.4.0

                                Intel® Graphics for Linux* | 01.org


                                Try with the latest BIOS version 0033

                                Download BIOS Update [SYSKLi35.86A]


                                Mike C

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                                  Yes, all of the attempts I have tried to get this thing working have been made with both BIOS versions 28 and 33.


                                  I love how the download links on the graphics installer for linux page all 404. Reminiscent of the care and testing put into creating this NUC6i5.

                                  Linux Kernel - 4.2

                                  Mesa - 10.6.7

                                  xf86-video-intel - 2.99.917

                                  Libdrm - 2.4.64

                                  Libva - 1.6.1

                                  vaapi intel-driver - 1.6.1

                                  Cairo - 1.14.2

                                  Xorg Xserver - 1.17.2

                                  Intel-gpu-tools - 1.12

                                  Linux Kernel for Upcoming Platforms (SKL) - drm-intel-testing


                                  That's a lot of software to install in hopes of getting a working system. Looks like maybe a nice set of debs is provided to automatically upgrade these packages for a working ubuntu 15.10 system. Too bad that I'm unable to install ubuntu 15.10 on this thing. Believe me, I've tried. And by tried, I don't just mean repeatedly running the automagic installer, I mean lots of reading log messages, chatting with ubuntu, mint, debian folks on IRC.


                                  I am completely fed up with the lack of support for this thing.

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