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    Intel i5-3230m graphics error


      Hi, this is my first post here and I'll try to be as reasonable as I can!


      I recently bought second hand processor for laptop, and decided to upgrade the Pentium B970 in my Samsung NP350E5X.
      However, I ran into a problem. Everythink worked fine with the "Standard VGA Adapter" driver Windows installed by default.
      When I installed the Intel HD Graphics 4000 driver, after the reboot, the kid of black pixels started to show on the screen,
      somethink like artefacts. But I'm wondering, if uninstalling the driver fixes it, could it be the hardware problem? I did recheck
      with the original B970, and I had normal screen with drivers installed (but these were HD Graphics 3000 drivers). When I inserted
      the i5 back, it booted with HD 3000 driver, but the screen was even more messed up. I put the photos in the attachment.


      The specs of the laptop are here:
      Samsung NP350E5X
      Processor: Intel Pentium B970 (replaced with Intel i5 3230m)
      Graphics: ATi Radeon HD 7670M
      RAM: 8 GB DDR3 1600 MHz
      OS: Windows 7 Ultimate x64


      I also tried installing older versions of drivers but the problem persists.

      Any help or info would be very much appreciated!

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          Hello, GreyfoX1995:


          I would you to test your system with the drivers below.

          Download Intel® Graphics Driver for Windows* 7,8.1,10 [15.33]


          Since the system was meant to work with certain hardware, it could be affecting the performance after changing the software.


          Is this upgrade supported by your OEM? you could also check if they have drivers available for this specific situation (upgraded CPU).


          Since the Computer has a dedicated graphics card, please make sure you are using the latest drivers from your GPU's manufacturer.



          Esteban C

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            Did try with all drivers - no success. However, I decided to go back a generation, and upgrade the Samsung with i5-2410m. Everything ran perfectly except the laptop would turn off after 30 minutes - chipset is HM70 and it supports only Pentium and Celeron processors. Could chipset be the one who cause the screen problems?

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              Hello, GreyfoX1995:


              Thank you for your reply.


              Regarding the upgrade of the CPU in laptops or OEM units, it is kind of difficult to troubleshoot or find out what could be the problem.


              Why is that? The processor could not be compatible at certain level with your device, the installation of the CPU in the device may have an specific process and some steps could be missing from one end.


              So far, my recommendation would be to check with the support for your OEM, they would have additional information their product and could provide you with a better overview of the issue you are encountering with.


              Another option could be a bad CPU or the Motherboard doesnt like so much this changes, there are different options that could be the source.


              If any other users have tested or done this previously and have feedback, it would be really helpful to find a fix for this.



              Esteban C