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    How do I connect a projector as a clone of my monitor?


      I have a NUC5i5RYB with my HP22cwa monitor connected via the displayport (adapted to VGA) running 1920x1080. I want to have my projector connected as a clone so I connected the mini-HDMI output to the input #2 of a HDMI switch (which also has Dish tuner coming into it on input #1 and a Chromecast on #3). That switch outputs to my Epson 8350 HD projector (1080p at 1920x1080) and a Samsung HDTV.


      I can't configure the NUC to clone output from the displayport monitor to the HDMI switch/projector:


      1. With the switch NOT set to the NUC input, the Win7 device manager shows ONE Generic PnP Monitor and the control panel shows TWO displays (HP22cwa (1920x1080) and "Display Device On VGA" (1280x720 and CAN'T be changed) ). Set to "Extend these displays". If I change it to "Duplicate", the rez goes down to 1280x720 for both).


      2. With the switch set to the NUC input, device manager shows TWO Generic PnP Monitors and control panel shows SAMSUNG added to the list (1280x720). The NUC video does NOT appear on the projector (and the SAMSUNG reports No Signal).


      I can't change the resolution on anything except the primary displayport monitor. How can I get the NUC to output a 1920x1080 clone of the primary monitor to the switch (set to output to the projector) and the projector is powered up?