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    NUC6i5 mint linux


      Having terrible times trying to get Linux Mint running on my brand new nuc6i5syk.


      I wonder how intel could have listed Mint Linux as a compatible OS. It was very, very difficult to install, and now it crashes repeatedly.


      Under kernel 3.19.0 (default for 17.3), the wifi and bt peripherals do not appear. Also machine occasionally crashes. Updating to a 4.2.0 kernel, 4.3.3, 4.4.0, multiple builds of each version listed here, tried from ubuntu, mint, & debian builds. All crash often.


      Often the only clue left over from a crash is a handful of null characters written to /var/log/syslog, right before the fresh cold boot messages show.

      With newer kernel versions, just as often there are error messages around the i915 video stuff.


      Does this thing really work, or is Linux Mint a false claim? Has anyone successfully run any linux distro on these new nucs?


      Maybe I have defective hardware. How could I tell?


      This is extremely frustrating. This thing feels like a real lemon to me. I have wasted many hours on trying to get this thing running.

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          Hello nilc,


          Thank you for joining the Intel communities.


          Linux mint has not been validated with this unit but I don’t see the reason why cannot work with this unit, you can see the supported operating system here:

          Intel® NUC Supported Operating Systems


          You can also try updating the BIOS; you can download the latest version for this unit here:

          Download BIOS Update [SYSKLi35.86A]


          F7 BIOS Update Instructions for Intel® NUC


          Best wishes,



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            I wish that I had found the "Supported Operating Systems" page before buying this thing.


            On the Product Overview Page for the Intel NUC6i5SYK

            Mini PC Intel® NUC Kit NUC6I5SYK

            It clearly says, "OS compatibility: Ubuntu*, Linux Mint*, Fedora*, OpenSUSE*" (The asterisks denote trademarks, no other caveat.)


            And I fell for it. I naively assumed that "OS compatibility" meant that I could install any of these OSes easily, with little futzing around (as I have done on countless other hardware). I did not think that it meant things like:

            - updating the BIOS (not terribly bad)

            - manually partitioning the SSD (yuck, typically completely automatic, but for some reason the NUC crashed repeatedly during this phase of install)

            - trying many linux kernels (four different versions, builds from several different providers)

            - trying experimental boot parameters


            I would not expect the typical Linux user to even have the slightest idea of how to do any of this. And I don't want to do this. It is a waste of my time.


            Feeling very terrible about this purchase, much regret. My fault, though, right? Intel is obviously blameless, I fell for your definition of "OS compatibility", whatever that is.

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              p.s. No luck yet. Still crashes all the time. Screen goes blank (either light or dark); machine does not respond to usb peripherals; machine does not respond to network interface.

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                Hi nilc, jump to *** for conclusion

                I can only speak from my own experience with my NUC6i3SYH. I purchased it 6 weeks ago from N**Egg and installed a lot of different Linux flavors. Started with Mint Cinnamon and KDE, Fedora, Debian, Ubuntu. All, installed without a problem. I did have some instances where the mouse would temporarily freeze. And VLC did not play nice on most of them. Last one I tried was Ubuntu Xenial 16.04, latest Kernel, and VLC was flying. Unit was not left on for very long with any of these.

                I need a Win 7 machine in the house because of some devices that are not supported in Linux. So, I installed Win 7 64bit, SP 1, all updates, all drivers, BIOS 033. This was going to be my setup, no more testing. A couple of movies later and it froze. After Win login it would last 2-3min before BSOD

                It did better in Safe Mode, for a about a day. And it did it in Safe Mode too....

                Now I'm expecting a HyperX RAM tomorrow and if that doesn't do it, I'll RMA it!

                *** I don't think it matters what OS you install, it's the hardware!

                Good Luck!

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                  Wow, bummer to hear. Yeah, pretty much thinking RMA for me too. Hopefully I'll get a refund, and can try some other hardware.

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                    I'll RMA if I need to but I'll get the same. They're going to release a new BIOS version soon. That may be what the hardware needs to behave. This NUC version is still a baby. It will grow out of these problems. Intel's Intel after all

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                      I really want to like this thing. Spent a bunch of time researching, reading reviews, reading forums. Previous NUCs seemed A-OK.


                      Terribly disappointed with the idea that it is OK to sell beta hardware, that is still undergoing significant changes in BIOS iterations in order to be able to function in a basically useful way. It's not OK with me. If I was given the opportunity to help debug the BIOS and whatever, perhaps compensated with free hardware or something, I might be more interested (probably not - my time is worth more than the retail cost of this hardware).


                      Rant rant rant ... just expressing frustration.

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                        Hi all,


                        I’m really sorry for the issue you have experience and I apologize for any inconvenience.


                        I tried to install Linux* mint and I did not have any problem when follow the steps at the following link:



                        The version I load it is 3.19.0-32 I’m not sure if that makes any difference but this one worked for me.


                        I hope this can help.



                        Best wishes,



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                          Your response is distracting and insulting. You clearly are not following the problem.


                          You installed on very different hardware in 2014. As you can see from the many comments on NUC6i5 machines in recent threads, the 3.19.0-32 kernel you used will not recognize the wifi/bt peripheral on the new NUCs. How can you even begin to call a machine usable when its basic peripherals won't work. The new NUCs have different GPU versions as well, which is causing lots of crashes.


                          Reading this thread on these new NUCs, it looks like about 5% of posters are having a satisfactory experience, regardless of windows or linux based OS.


                          The article you link covers the basics of installing a dual boot system, come on. You haven't even glanced at the issues I'm having.


                          I seriously hope that the _intel hungarian suffix on your username doesn't mean that your response is an official reply from intel support.

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                            Hi nilc,


                            I regret your inconvenience; however, Linux Mint has not been tested by our engineers and unfortunately drivers are provided with Linux distributions and their community.


                            I have been tested this NUC with Ubuntu 15.10 and LAN, WIFI and Bluetooth connections are working without any issue.


                            I suggest you to post your question in our Open Source community. Our team or community might be able to help you.


                            01.org | Intel Open Source Technology Center


                            Mike C

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                              Yeah, you are the second intel person to point out that you guys advertised Linux Mint compatibility without actually testing it. I'm sure that you can imagine my frustration at having been fully suckered by your official product page.


                              I can't get the thing to stay on long enough to complete an ubuntu 15.10 installation. Freezes every time with a blank black or white screen. Non responsive to usb peripherals or wired network pings. Yay!


                              Oh right, silly me, you're going to point out that I followed the advertised specifications for RAM but somehow didn't find the secret documentation of tested RAM. That's my problem. Right. My RAM is within specs, tested in both the NUC and another laptop, memtest86 running for a full four iterations, zero errors. Intel must be pretty clever to figure out ways to crash ram that are not exposed with the rather exhaustive memtest86 software. But I'm sure you regret my troubles. Please go to our opensource community and ask for more help there getting your piece of junk working.


                              Just how have you been tested this NUC with Ubuntu 15.10 and LAN, etc? Did you manage to get it installed & call it a day? That's basically what I've seen from other folks who claim to run linux on it. I have managed to get some distros installed (including Arch), but nothing will run for more than maybe 30 min, usually closer to 10 without hard crashing.


                              Thanks! Feeling the love, for sure!

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                                Hi nilc,

                                I've contributed to another thread you had earlier and I told you I don't think it matters what OS you install. You were able to install but the NUC crashes. It's your hardware.

                                Do your yourself a favor and RMA it. Intel folks here will never admit they can't help you. I have a thread since 24h ago with a picture of my BSOD and guess what? No replies. They don't have a clue right now of what's causing this. They just wish we all went away with our problems. Some support!

                                If you can downgrade your BIOS version to 028 it would be interesting if it makes a difference.

                                One last word, look at the bottom of the NUC, Made in China, 'nuff said

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                                  Hi nilc,


                                  Please contact our Contact Support team and request the RMA, your NUC might be faulty. Intel provides with 3 years of warranty.


                                  Now, I have tested the compatibility of Linux Ubuntu 15.10 64bit with the Intel® NUC Kit 6i5SYK, I had internet through LAN and WIFI. I posted a screenshot with system details.

                                  Screenshot from 2016-02-19 12-36-53.png

                                  Mike C

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