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    Intel(R) HD Graphic 4600's driver is crashing


      Hello Intel Community,


      I have an Asus notebook (laptop) that runs on a set of NVidia GTX 960M as well as Intel(R) HD Graphic 4600.

      It's been almost from the start, I believe, that every now-and-then the screen freezes, and once it continues to work, I get a notification that Intel(R) HD Graphic 4600 has crashed and has been recovered. It hasn't bothered me much up until now, but when I tried to stream media from my browser to my Chromecast, it happened about six times in half a minute.

      As soon as I got the computer I upgraded it to Windows 10 x64 from Windows 8.1, so I don't know if the driver's crashes has anything to do with Windows 10 upgrade or with something else. The driver's version is

      I wanted to uninstall and reinstall the driver again, but I always found a version that's higher than my computer runs for the display adapter. The driver manager didn't find an update, so I was worried to install a higher version, that may be incompatible with my laptop. I even installed Intel Driver Update Utility, and no update for this driver was found.


      What should I do? and can anyone explain to me how do I find the display driver that's compatible with my Asus pc?