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    photo editing and openGL 3.2


      I have photo editing software that I am unable to install.  It says I need openGL 3.2. It directed me to https://downloadercenter.intel.com/default.aspx  I can't find it on the intel site.  Can somebody tell me where I might find this?

      Thank you.

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          Hello, clanger:


          In order to know if this software will work for you, we have to check the model of your processor.


          This is to verify it can handle OpenGL 3.2 or not.


          How to check the model of my processor?


          1. Press the windows key + "R"

          2. Type msinfo32 in the run window you should be prompt with.

          3. Look for the processor information in the "System Information" window.


          Once you get the model of your processor you would have to identify it's generation, please refer to the link below to check that.

          Intel® Processor Numbers: Laptop, Desktop, and Mobile Device


          After knowing the model and generation, you can access this link that contains the generations and what APIs they support (OpenGL and others).

          Supported Graphics APIs and Features for Graphics Drivers


          Please do let me know if you require any further information or support.



          Esteban C

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            Hello EstabanC,


            Thank you for your response. I have followed your directions and if I am reading correctly, it says my computer will only handle GL3.1. This is the info for my computer. Intel processor i7267QM, which appears to be an Intel HD Graphics 3000.

            However, I found further info regarding the software I am trying to install.

            It reads: For Intel graphics with OpenGL 3.2 support, outdated drivers will cause the program to crash. The Windows Update will not automatically upgrade your driver. Please visit Intel's Driver Download Page and follow the step to manually identify your graphic card driver. When installing the latest Intel driver, you may receive this error message: "Error: This computer does not meet the minimum requirements for installing the software." If you receive this message, you may need first uninstall your current driver using one of the following steps: Visit the "Control Panel" > "Program Feature" and uninstall the intel graphic driver. After uninstallling the graphic card's driver, you may need restart your system. After reboot, please install the latest driver. Visit the "Control Panel" > "Device Manger" and right click on theIntel graphics card, and then choose uninstall. After uninstalling, you may need restart your systm. After reboot, please install the latest driver. For Computers with two graphic cards, one being NVIDIA, the other being Intel, the program may use Intel by default (the less powerful of the two). You can go to NVIDIA's control panel, "Manage 3D settings" > "Preferred Graphic processor" and then choose the Nvidiagraphics card.

            I also have NVIDIA, but do not know how to access the control panel. Should I perform these steps they have outlined?


            Thank you, clanger

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              Hello, clanger:


              The support would be available until OpenGL 3.1, the graphics driver is the one that enables this and as long as you have the latest to get up to OpenGl 3.1


              For further information about the OpenGL support for Nvidia, please check this link: OpenGL Driver Support | NVIDIA Developer


              For more information about how OpenGL interacts with the Nvidia GPU, my recommendation would be to contact them directly.



              Esteban C