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    Surface Pro 3 i7 --Quest for 4k 60 htz


      I have read that others have been able to create a custom resolution at 3840 X 2160 50 htz on a surface pro 3 i7.  I downloaded the latest Intel drivers and apparently the custom resolution option has been removed.  As I continued searching I have found that you can simply go to the system32 folder and manually launch the custom resolution exe.


      Feeling as if I found my Holy 50 htz Grail I added my custom Resolution to 3840 X 2160 50htz then changed the timing to CVT-RB.

      Then I click on the Add button as if I conquered a mighty foe.....  nothing

      For some reason its not saving the custom resolution.   

      I am so close to finally getting this to work.  Anyone out there willing to let me know what I am doing wrong. 

      Do I need to fill out the advance options as well?

      Even if you just have an idea, or a direction I would be truly grateful.  I would hate to return my Philips BDM4065 Monitor when I am this close.


      Thanks in advance for just reading my plea.