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    intel Server SR2500ALBRP Status Led blinking Green - Amber and No Post.  Please Help !!!


      Hi everybody,


      I have the SR2500ALBRP server ( 1 CPU - 2 Ram modules ).
      The machine was working without any problems until yesterday.
      Suddenly i found the status led ( front panel ) blinking green - amber. I know this led blinks green or amber but not both.
      I disconect the power and connected again ( both PSU ).
      Status led green (Steady no blinking )
      When i push power button status led blinks green, fans working at full speed, no boot beep, no video.
      After 1 minute status led turns to amber and blinking. Fans continue to run at full speed, no video, no beep, no boot.
      Push the power button again to turn off, the system going off and the status led blinking green - amber. again
      After 15 minutes without any action from me the status led turns again to Steady green.

      If i try to power on again the same cycle repeat.
      I try memory change, nothing
      I remove memory and nothing again. No beep, No Post.
      Can anyone Help ?


      Thanks in advance