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    Frequency irradic / too high - mainboard defective??


      hi folks,


      i just stumbled upon some messages from eventviewer, stating that my CPU got an "internal parity error" which was "solved". the message kept appearing every 1 or 2 days, anyway.


      the intel processor diagnostic tool failed with the frequency test (every other test was fine). as usual, the frequency tool doesn't write any log-file, so i tried the command line version of it (cpufrequ.exe).

      i ran the tool several times and 4 out of 10 times, there was a much higher value with the frequency.


      this one was by far the highest (i have an i5-4460, quad-core @ 3.2 ghz)

           Expected CPU Frequency is --> 3.20

           Detected CPU Frequency is --> 5.04538


           Expected Base Clock --> 100 MHz

           Detected Base Clock --> 100.908 MHz    


      is there a problem with my mainboard? - maybe with the hardware clock that regulates the cpu speed?


      i never overclocked anything and all the components (except for drives) are 2 months old.


      thanks to everybody who has read until this point