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    Looking for help with Raid 5


      Okay so I have had a nightmare of a time.  I have a 3 disk Raid 5 on ICH10r.  One of my disks legit failed making the array degraded.  In the process of pulling out the HDD the "L" shaped SATA connector on a functioning HDD snapped off.  After I soldered the pins on the HDD & a stripped cable I started the computer.  Bios showed two failed RAID 5; named array:1 and array:1:1.  Well I followed the steps in this thread http://communities.intel.com/thread/3351 to no avail atm.  I'm 99.99% sure my 2 drives are in the correct order.  When I run Testdisk even after a deepscan I get no partitions found... I'm SOL right???