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    DZ77RE-75K video driver won't load


      Trying to install Win7 Ultimate 64... having driver problems.

      All the devices seem to run ok under Win7 Home Premium 32, but I'm having so SW issues that I am trying to resolve by installing the upgrade.


      Device list only shows Generic VGA  Display Adapter, and I've tried 3 different vers of Intel HD Video drivers and they all come up with "does not meet minimum requirements".

      Vizio 370 TV attached by HDMI to motherboard connector.


      I also have a PCI Simple communications controller yellow bang - no driver installed.

      I've installed all the drivers that I can from Intel for this board, and I have no other cards installed.


      USB, Audio, Chipset, Network, Bluetooth, all these drivers installed ok.


      The Automatic driver checker from Intel also finds no drivers at all, but the board detector shows it as the DZ77RE-75K.


      Why is this not updating properly??