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    Delay when typing and in when displaying images, HD Graphics 3000



      I have a Dell L702x laptop, running under Windows seven.

      I bought this laptop (a a new one) in 2012.

      The configuration of the laptop is as follows :
      Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-2430M CPU @ 2.40GHz, 2395 MHz
      BIOS/Date Dell Inc. A19, 07/09/2012
      NVIDIA GeForce GT 550M
      Intel(R) HD Graphics 3000
      RAM : 8 Go
      TOSHIBA MK2561GSYN SCSI Disk Device : 232,89 Go (90 Go free)

      I use this laptop for surfing the web, writing and receiving emails.

      Since I bought the laptop, I have been facing the following problem :
      - there is a random latency from 0 to 1 second, when displaying an image, or when taking into account the typing of a character.

      I tried many things to solve the matter but with no success, such as :
      - upgrading the various drivers
      - re-installing Windows seven

      Finally, I wonder that I have to come to the conclusion that the problem is inherent to the HD Graphics 3000 card.

      The information about the HD Graphics 3000 card is as follows :
      total available graphics memory : 1696 Mo
      dedicated video memory : 64 Mo
      dedicated video memory : 0
      shared system memory : 1632 Mo

      In the resource monitor the data are the following ;
      - processor utilization : low (less that 10%), max frequency : 30 to 40%
      - Hard disk : very often at 100% of activity usage
      - memory used : around 30%

      My questions are as follows :
      - do you think that the trouble come from HD Graphics 3000 card ?
      - in case it comes from the Intel card, is there a way to improve the matter ?
      - could the trouble come from the HDD ? Would replacing it by a SSD be useful ?

      I thank you very much in advance for any reply.