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    Real time HEVC requirement


      I am looking for a PC, preferably not too big, that will comfortably handle HEVC encoding. 720p60 using ffmpeg's medium preset would be sufficient.


      I am aware that the combination of Skylake and recent Intel Graphics drivers means that HEVC encoding is enabled.

      So does that mean something like the NUC6I5SYKNUC is able to encode in real time? Or does it just mean that it might not take hours, but wouldn't necessarily be real-time or better.


      There isn't a lot of information out there - all I've managed to establish so far is that:


      1) HEVC encoding uses a lot more CPU than H.264

      2) My custom built PC running an 8-core Intel 5960X can encode a 720p60 stream in faster than real-time using the medium preset, but with the slow preset or below it can't do it in real-time.

      3) Skylate / latest Intel Graphics has hardware encoded HEVC encoding


      Can anyone shed any light on this?

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          Skylake's hardware encoding would be different from ffmpeg's medium preset (which I think uses x265 as actual encoder). Hardware encoding is generally real-time, but the quality is usually not on-par with x265 or other good software encoders. I don't know whether Skylake support p60 encoding in hardware.

          I'm not sure the NUC6I5 is capabale of real-time x265 encoding in software.

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            Hi oviano,


            The specifications of the i5-6260U with Intel® Iris™ Graphics 540 are the following.


            Hardware Accelerated Video Decode


            Gen 9 LP implements high-performance and low-power HW acceleration for video decoding operations for multiple video codecs.


            The HW decode is exposed by the graphics driver using the following APIs:
            • Direct3D* 9 Video API (DXVA2)
            • Direct3D11 Video API Datasheet, Volume 1 of 2 33 Interfaces
            • Intel Media SDK
            • MFT (Media Foundation Transform) filters. Gen 9 LP supports full HW accelerated video decoding for AVC/VC1/MPEG2/HEVC/VP8/ JPEG.


            Note: HEVC – 8 bit support.



            More details:

            Datasheet, Vol. 1: 6th Gen Intel® Processor for U/Y-Platforms


            Mike C