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    Xeon D: Next generation is due when?


      The Xeon D-1540 is a brilliant CPU+board combo for so many reasons.


      The D-1541 and misc minor upgrades got released in Q4 15,



      Yet rumors keep persisting around a new series of Xeon D models with 10 and 12 cores running at similar speeds and with a similar low TDP, ie for the exact same purpose as the current Xeon D-1540s but with more cores available.


      - Any substance in these rumors and if not, when is the range going to be renewed?

      - If yes, when this new range will be actually available on Supermicro boards? (if it is possible to know, I know the D-1541s are next to impossible to order in EU, as of January)


      My company's current use for Xeon D nodes is as nodes in an on-premise Hadoop setup, so price performance is very important. 8+ core E5v3's are too expensive for the node price per unit, so it has to be Xeon D's because of their modern design and integration with modern ports etc on the Supermicro boards.