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    I'm seeing horizontal glitchy lines across my monitor whenever I have multiple windows open.


      Firstly, I have read all the other posts related to display issues and none of them seem to be related to my problem.


      I just setup my NUC today... installed the latest drivers from Download Graphics: Intel® HD Graphics Driver for Windows 7*/8.1*/10* for Intel® NUC. The driver I installed is



      When I attach my monitor and boot into Windows 10, I see multiple horizontal lines flashing across my screen. When I have multiple windows open, the problem seems worse. Often, the lines originate in the "OK" or "cancel" buttons in the lower-right corner of the window and then move out to the right of those buttons. And, if I click on one of those buttons, the lines get more pronounced.


      I have tested my monitor with two different computers and it works fine with both systems. So, I know the problem is with my NUC.


      Any suggestions? I cannot find any phone number to call Intel (their support page seems to be down and there's no other way to find the number) on this and am about an inch away from just returning it to the place I purchased it.