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    Intell HD 4000 refuses to update driver


      Using the Intel Driver Update Utility, I scanned my device to determine if it needed an update. This is what was found...


      Intel HD Graphics Driver for Windows 7/8/8.1 64-bit           Current Version           Latest Version



      I've tried 3 times to perform the download/install using the update utility tool. During the process where it installs, it claims to be installing the latest version stated above. Right before the install begins, it states the version number to be installed is in the README File.


      During the install process, it first states "Installing Driver : Intel(R) Display Audio  Version"  followed by "Installing Driver: Intel(R) HD Graphics 4000 Version"



      What in the living hell? How did it come from stating the entire process, even in the README file... to suddenly now installing the driver I already have? I do not understand how this is failing the way it is.


      I've tried to look up the driver on the Intel support downloads, but every time I look for it... it either errors out the web page OR loads forever (Waited 30 minutes then got frustrated. And no, every other website loads fine during this time)


      I just want to install the version of the Intel HD Graphics Driver for Windows 7/8/8.1 64-bit. Can someone please direct me to a direct download to get this file and have it install the actual updated version, instead of suddenly switching to the old one with technology magic.


      Thank you for assistance in advance.

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          Hello lsnyder39,


          Thank you for joining the Intel communities.


          I’m sorry for the bad experience you have had trying to install the driver, you can download the driver you need at the following link:

          Download Intel® HD Graphics Driver for Windows* 7/8/8.1-64-bit


          If the driver above does not work please try this version:

          Download Intel® Graphics Driver for Windows* 7,8.1,10 [15.33]


          Best wishes,



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            This download performs the exact same issue as previously stated in my forum board posting


            It claims it is the version 15, but during the install process it installs the version 10. There is an issue with the software deployment of this driver. Someone seems to have included the version 10 driver in the install package instead of the version 15. I believe there is an issue of human error in including the wrong driver with this install package.


            Can someone at Intel please verify the integrity of this driver download? I am certain that if one of your employees would perform an install of this driver they would duplicate the same issue. It installs the Version 10 driver, not the Version 15.





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              Can confirm, having the same issue, tried the zip version, and low and behold it contains the 10.18 version.




              Actually it seems the version of the driver is correct, the problem is the identification. If you search in the DL section for the 15.33 you get this additional information:


              driver intel.jpg


              Where you can see the actual version is, which the version that is supplied.


              Now if you use the intel update utility, or the windows one it reads instead of the 15.33 even when the driver is the actual on supplied within 15.33..


              driver intel2.jpg


              in short, its an identification issue with the intel update utility.


              Edit my version is slightly different as I am using the windwos 10 version.

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                Hi all,


                Thank you for reporting this to us please let me investigate further on this issue to find out what is going on.


                Best wishes,



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                  Hi all,


                  After I did further research we find out that the version and are the same, basically the last four numbers represent the Intel build number.


                  The version between parentheses that you see at the download center is the windows update version, at this point for you to make sure you have the latest version please download the driver manually and install it in your system, if during the installation you see that the version 10.18.10.xxxx is installing don’t worry because it is the same version.


                  Download Intel® Graphics Driver for Windows* 7,8.1,10 [15.33]


                  About the issue with the Intel® driver update utility, please be aware that this issue has been report and hopefully a new version will come up soon to fix this problem.


                  Best wishes,