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    After Windows 10 upgrade monitor with MiniDisplayPort not working properly


      I've had the NUC5i5RYH since Christmas. It was running Windows 7. This past weekend I upgraded it to Windows 10.


      I have two ASUS VG248 monitors. One connected via HDMI and the second by MiniDisplayPort. Before the upgrade everything was working great. Since the upgrade anytime the NUC goes to sleep the monitor with the MiniDisplayPort will not connect. If I unplug the MiniDisplayPort cable and plug it back in to the same monitor it will still not connect. I can however move the cords around and plug the cord MiniDisplayPort that was in monitor 2 and plug it into the monitor 1 and unplug the HDMI from monitor 1 and move it to the monitor 2 and everything is fine. The next time the NUC goes to sleep I have to switch the cords around or only use the monitor connected via the HDMI cable.


      Has anybody ran into this? I've upgraded Intel Graphics Driver and that didn't seem to help. There is no updated driver from ASUS.




      W. H.