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    Nuc dc3217iye freeze




      My nuc de 3217iye freeze evertime... On Windows 7 x86, 7 64 bits, 10 x86 and also 10 64 bits... I've updated all my drivers and the bios... What can I do? The errors are ramdom and always make the computer restart....  Please help!

      Memory and disk tests are OK...thank you

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          Hello, Korrigan82:


          Could you please let us know the BIOS and the Intel® HD Graphics version you are running? Please go to Device Manger> Display adapters> Intel(R) HD Graphics right click on Properties and then go to Driver, you will be able to see the version installed.


          Could you please be more specific about the freezing issue, please reply to the following;


          • What kind of freezing do you get?
          • When does it happen?
          • Do you have any idea what triggers the freezing?
          • Do you get any error message?
          • Did your unit work before?
          • Did you change anything in your configuration?
          • Memory Sticks, model and part number.
          • Storage device.


          Feel free to add all details you want.



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            Hello. I've found the problem: my ddr3 memory seems to be not compatible With my nuc: corsair value kit 1x4gb.

            Thank you for everything.

            Have à Nice day

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              Thank you for your feedback. I am glad to hear that you were able to resolve your issue.


              If you need further assistance let us know.