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    DZ86BC Start up issues.


      I have had a DZ86BC for years without any issues, from Win 7 Pro 64 to now Win 10.  Over the last few months, whenever I start the computer (either from an off state or a restart) it hangs at the boot screen (where you pressF2 to enter setup) for 15-20 minutes.  I am unable to hit F2 or F7 during this hang.  Getting very frustrating.  Any ideas?


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          I have two of them. They are the slowest boards I've seen with respect to the time it takes to go from power-off to login screen, even with an SSD, but I've never seen 15-20 minute delays. I have two suggestions.


          First, unplug the Ethernet cable and remove / disconnect everything, and I mean everything, except for the bare essentials. Remove all add-on cards and disconnect all drives. If you have a CPU with on-chip graphics, remove the video card and use the on-chip graphics. If the problem disappears, add each part back one at a time to identify the defective one.


          Second, move to a different BIOS as a test, but do remember that moving beyond 0028 is permanent (and not recommended by me). For example, if your board has a BIOS of 0028, move to 0027. If your board has a BIOS of 0042, move to 0039. My theory here is that something in BIOS was over-written and this will refresh it. After you fix the problem, return to your original BIOS.

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            Thanks for the suggestions.  My case came with a Bluetooth adapter (that I have never used).  After disconnecting that, the computer started normally.