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    i7-6700k may be causing artifacts and flickering pixels


      About a couple weeks into my purchase, I started noticing little flickering pixels in my desktop background. I just shrugged it off thinking it was just my video card overheating. Soon after, I noticed the flickering pixels turn into artifacts and they started showing up in my videos and pictures.

      Thinking it was my video card, I upgraded the card but the problems were still there if not more prevalent. I then changed out my ram but that didn't fix the problem either. Changed out the motherboard to a mini itx and problems still persist.




      At this point I'm scratching my head. I brought it to this section because I'm thinking it's the processor. I have no idea how to troubleshoot a problem like this other than replace components.

      If you guys have any suggestions, I would greatly appreciate it. The problems occur while I'm browsing the web or watching videos. No artifacts/pixels while gaming.



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          Remove the video card and download / install the current Intel graphics driver and switch the video cable to the motherboard connector. Then run whatever it is that causes the artifacts. If they are no longer present, you have likely proven that it is the fault of the video card(s). Also, download / run IPDT and watch the graphics tests closely.


          If you have access to a different monitor, use it to verify that your monitor is not defective.


          The only I saw video problems using Intel graphics was when the CPU socket had been damaged. When I looked at the socket, it appeared to have been rubbed, with the pins in one area pushed to one side. However, since you changed motherboards, this is probably not the problem.

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            Hey @jko I had this exact issue, I've posted to the intel forums, as well as reddit and overclockers.net ... no one seemed to know the root cause. I swapped out memory, removed video card entirely to rely on onboard Intel Video... I determined the issue was caused either by intel integrated video or my motherboard, similar to yours but not the exact same model.


            I RMA'd the CPU and the Motherboard, I will update when I let you know the results. My guess is that this is related to a group of bad CPUs with integrated HD530 graphics. Even with a videocard, I believe to save power... the computer will leverage onboard graphics, which is why the issue happens with out without an additional GPU plugged in. Hope this helps.

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              I have also the same issue. Please let me know if you found a solution.


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                Updated on this: I RMA'd my CPU and my Motherboard and the issue was resolved - rather than attempting to figure out which was causing the issue, I eliminated both


                I STRONGLY believe it was related to the integrated graphics on the CPU however. Intel sent me a brand new CPU, while Asus simply verified my motherboard and sent the same one back. Regardless, new CPU and the issue was resolved. Probably not the solution you wanted to hear, but I hope this helps.

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                  I think it is a problem with the Bus of the memory, I had a 8 GB 2666 Xsavage, and I set it to 2666 with my motherboard. After I returned it back to 2133 the issue was solved, but I don't consider it as a solution, I bought a 2666 for a higher price to have better efficiency, while I should downgrade it so intel can work with it.


                  I read somewhere that people had different motherboards and had the same issue, so intel should find a solution for the motherboard chipset or the cpu.

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                    Regarding the HD530 video flickering issue.  I can create it and eliminate it at will now that I know exactly what is causing the issue.  As for why it happens that is for Intel to figure out.


                    It turns out to be the DDR4 memory speed.  The issue will begin intermittently at 2600MHz and gets progressively worse as I increase the speed.  At the maximum speed for my kit 3466MHz the screen just vibrates wildly.


                    I solved it permanently by installing a nvidia GTX 750 graphics card and disabling the HD530 in the BIOS.  Now I have triple the video speed and no more flicker issue.  On a personal note I do feel cheated by Intel as was I expecting the video to work properly and did not want, or should have had to spend an extra $139 to solve Intel's video issue.

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                      I hope others are able to find our post and it can help them before they go through what I did! alpha2alpha your explanation makes sense to me... I had slightly different scenario, but it sounds about right. For me, even below 2600MHz I had flickering, but I did notice as I lowered my memory frequency the issue lessened. I also tested my setup with ONLY one stick of RAM, and NO discrete GPU, flickering still occurred - so I 100% agree this is probably due to the HD530.


                      I ended up spending $50 out of my own pocket RMA'ing my CPU / Motherboard, but ultimately Intel's customer service was good. They shipped me a new 6700K which I have not had any issues with, and overclocks like a charm. I hope others find this thread.

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                        Hello, All:


                        Thank you very much for all your feedback.


                        I noticed that some of you mentioned that the replacement unit worked, did you(other users) replace the unit? Does the issue still persist?