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    XCTU XBee on Intel Edison using Arduino shield.


      Hello, I am trying to connect a XBee 802.15.4 module to the Edison Arduino board using an Arduino XBee shileld as shown in the picture below.


      photo (1).jpg

      The XCTU Software does not find the XBee module, I have tried all possible options in the discovery menu with no luck.

      The shield has a switch with two positions on "USB" and "XBee", using the multimeter, I found that the Dout pin of the XBee module is connected to the Tx D1 pin on the Edison Arduino when on "USB" position, and Dout connected to Tx D0 when on "XBee". However, the Din pin of the XBee module is not connected to Tx or Rx pins on any switch position.

      Also tried to wire the XBee module to the Edison as shown in  Re: Hello everyone,. But it is not recognized by XCTU eigter.


      Any idea how can I connect to the XBee with XCTU?