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    RST and drivers versions (OS and PRE-OS)


      Hello everyone!

      My config is Z97 + i7-4770 + Windows 10 x64 TH2. The UEFI & OROM version in BIOS is (latest available from a manufacturer site). I was able to find that this release is initial for 9 series chipsets.

      But I was unable to find corresponding OS drivers and RST of version And they do not officially support Windows 10 TH2 (Windows 10 at all). Windows itself comes with built-in driver which does not have OROM/UEFI part and RST software. MB manufacturer provides driver and RST ver., but it requires OROM/UEFI (that can be learned from Intel site). I was trying to update BIOS manually with with partial success - everything worked fine except Dynamic Storage Driver disappeared from RST ( and who knows what else was going on behind the scene. So I reverted everything back with a stock firmware (which contains

      And finally, first and latest driver/RST which officially supports Windows 10 TH2 is (OROM/UEFI

      Could anyone help me to solve this puzzle choosing best driver/software option for my setup?


      Thanks in advance.


      P.S. I'm trying to find the cause of 0xC00000D4 Windows error which copes with Fast Startup and throws frequently.