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    i350 NIC on-board SDP connector


      Working on an application using the i350 NIC which does ingress per packet timestamping on all packets with timestamp accuracy within microseconds. One timing reference source that would be used is an external GPS receiver which would provides a time accurate 1 pulse-per-second signal (PPS). I have found SW references to how to read the 1 PPS input using the SDP pins on the NIC but am unable to find the pinout of the on-board 10-pin connector which I think the SDP pins are connected. Eventually would also like to incorporate the IEEE1588 SW protocol as an alternate timing source and therefore would need a 1 PPS output to use for measurement purposes which also uses a SDP pin. Since these pins are not exposed externally through the NIC faceplate there is no information on these in the datasheet. Is there a pinout definition for the EU1 10-pin connector which provides access to the SDP pins on the i350 NIC?