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    Setting IP Addresses Remotely


      Is it possible to set IP addresses remotely on the Intel NUC model NUC5I5MYHE using vPro?

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          Please clarify which IP address you would like to set to static?:

          1. Intel AMT IP address

            if Intel AMT is configured already (with dynamic or static IP)  and you can connect to Intel AMT (via WebUi or using AMT SDK tools) and change it from dynamic to static or change static IP to different static IP. Please note that after changing AMT IP you will have to reconnect to it on new IP address.

            If Intel AMT is not configured yet  -you can configure it and set AMT IP to static (same as OS Static IP) using Host Based Configuration method  or Remote Configuration methd (ACUConfig.exe tool to be executed remotely via PS Exec or inband management SW console/agent).
            Remote Configuration method will require DHCP server in the network anyway to start configuration itself.
          2. PC OS IP - you will need Intel AMT to be configured and then you may use KVM Redirection to access OS GUI out of band (via AMT HW not OS TCP/IP)  and do any desired changes.