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    HD4400 chip suddenly doesnt support UHD resolution on external device anymore




      I have a Lenovo T440 laptop with an Intel HD4400 chip. The laptop has a mini display-port connection which I used to attach an UHD TV via HDMI (DP to HDMI converter cable). It worked very well and the laptop was able to play UHD material with MPC-HC and madVR. I was fiddling around with the settings to get better results (switching to intel quicksync instead of DXVA2 etc.)


      At some point the video driver crashed and I decided to reboot the machine. After the reboot was done, the UHD television resolution switched to 1080p and windows/intel control panel claim that this is the maximum supported resolution. Obviously this isn't correct as I have just used its UHD resolution.


      I dont know what to do to fix this...


      It is not the TV, because I am still using it in UHD mode with my desktop computer.

      It is not the HDMI cable, because it works fine between my desktop and the TV.

      It is not the miniDP to HDMI converter or the miniDP port, because when I reboot my device to Debian/Linux I can still use the UHD resolution.

      I can only think of the intel driver or windows, which are somehow loading the wrong settings for the device.


      I've removed the intel driver via DDU already and reinstalled the newest version, no dice.