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    Slow LAN throughput / Painful web browsing


      I have a Lenovo W510 laptop including 8GB RAM, Samsung SSD, and  "Intel 82577LM Gigabit Network Connection" Ethernet adapter with what I believe are the latest available drivers.    This machine was recently built (with SSD) and Win7.    The machine connects to a Dlink Ethernet switch, to which is also connected a NAS box and Router (with connection to the Internet).


      The machine and network configuration is capable of good performance, including:

      - copy large file from the NAS to desktop at > 40 MByte/sec

      - download from internet speed test site at > 30Mbit/sec


      But after use (of various time lengths, typically minutes to hours...), the following happens:

      - copy of large file runs 6 - 10 MB/sec

      - I can detect a reduced "snappiness" in File Explorer operation;

      - web site browsing becomes "painful".  Curiously, internet speed tests still show circa 30 Mbit/s download speed.


      A restart of the computer generally rectifies the problem (for a time).   At all times, the "test tools" on the Intel card report good quality network connections, good quality cable and cable lengths in the 20-30 m range (depending on connection I use) and no problems.


      I have connected to the Dlink switch on various ports - makes no difference.

      I have another (more power desktop) machine using a Realtek LAN card - it experiences no such difficulties and performs very well consistently.


      I am stumped by this.   Can anyone offer any explanation or solution?