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    Intel NUC6 Skylake maximum RAM


      How much RAM can a 6th gen NUC use?

      The website says:

      Dual-channel DDR4 SODIMMs, 1.2V, 2133 MHz, 32GB maximum

      NUC6i3SYB / NUC6i5SYB tech spec reads:

      16 GB maximum total system memory (with 4 Gb memory technology).


      The board utilizes 16 GB of addressable system memory. Typically the address space that is

      allocated for PCI Conventional bus add-in cards, PCI Express configuration space, BIOS (SPI Flash

      device), and chipset overhead resides above the top of DRAM (total system memory). On a system

      that has 32 GB of system memory installed, it is not possible to use all of the installed memory

      due to system address space being allocated for other system critical functions.


      1. Does it work with 32 GB memory?
      2. Basically, what's the difference? Can anyone explain than for dummies?
      3. NUC6 has a 64-bit processor, why does it address only 16 GB of memory?
      4. Is memory size OS-dependent?
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          32GB is supported.


          Intel really made a mess of their early information. Seems as if someone initially swapped model numbers from the 5 series and posted the info as new before they finished updating.

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            Hello, wotigno:


            It would be 32 GB max, the units have 2 DIMM slots, this means that you can add two 16GB modules to achieve the 32 GBs.


            Basically it means that max RAM per DIMM slot would be 16Gb and max total RAM supported by the system would be 32GB.


            Depending on how the processor is designed it would support certain amount of RAM, right now Intel® decided that 32GB will allow the unit to work properly and stable.


            Chances are that future models could support even more.


            Regarding RAM/OS, it would only depend if it is 32-bit or 64-bit based, 64-bit would support more than 4GBs, 32-bit up to 4GBs.


            Type of RAM supported: DDR4-1866/2133 1.2V SO-DIMM


            Feel free to let us know if you require any further information or support.



            Esteban C