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    [bug][critical][acpi] Firmware Test Suit results on Intel NUC DE3815TYKHE and Reproductible system freeze




      I ran Ubuntu's FWTS and also Intel's LUV live image to get test results of your latest version of Visual BIOS on the NUC DE3815TYKHE and they both confirmed that the firmware has important bugs.


      FWTS results in batch mode (power management and interactive tests disabled) :


      LUV results :


      Reproductible Power Management problem:

      I also have a reproductible freeze of the system according to a firmware setting: the OS Type in the Boot Configuration menu of Visual BIOS.

      • Procedure:
        1. simply run `fwts -P` to test S3 and S4 tests.
        2. Change the type of OS to boot in the Boot Configuration menu of Visual BIOS
      • Results:
        1. Windows: The test suite correctly passes with Windows
        2. Linux: the system freezes forever

      It confirms my stop and restart problems which were not working on my linux installation. The problem was also present with LUV and FWTS kernels. This is 3 different kernels with the same bug. To me, this is certainly a firmware/acpi bug.