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    Error "Intel QMSI/BSP Project support is not enabled"


      I am using Windows 8.1 64-bit OS.  Recently I successfully installed ISSM version and used it to build, debug, and deploy projects.

      I copied projects in the c:\intelswtools\issm_2016.0.027\eclipse\workspace folder and renamed them to add additional features.  I am not sure what happened but now I am not able to import or create projects.

      I am receiving the error "Intel QMSI/BSP Project support is not enabled".


      I have used the command prompt to verify that the D2000 is communicating by using OpenOCD and GDB to load an existing ELF file and checking for correct output through a serial port.


      I have tried both a) repairing and b) uninstalling, restarting my computer, deleting the c:\IntelSWTools folder, and then reinstalling the ISSM 2016 program, but this did not fix the errors.


      Is there some documentation on how to do a clean uninstall/reinstall?  I would expect any issues to be resolved after reinstalling with all the default settings.




      Solution Found:

      After completely uninstalling the software, deleting the c:\intelswtools folder, and reinstalling the software, click on "iss_mcu_ide_eclipse-launcher.bat" and wait until Eclipse opens, then select the default workspace folder.  I was impatient and did not wait until the eclipse-launcher file opened.  Instead before it opened, I started the eclipse executable at C:\IntelSWTools\ISSM_2016.0.027\eclipse\eclipse.exe.