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    D54250WYK does not recognize half the memory with both slots filled


      I have a memory problem with my D54250WYK NUC.


      I have previously run it with no problem with one 4GB memory module. I bought a second identical module this week, installed it, the visual BIOS screen still only showed 4GB installed and slot 1 "not installed".


      The memory in question is Corsair ValueSelect CMSO4GX3M1C1600C11. This memory should be compatible as it is DDR3L and have been previously used in the unit, nor are either module defective because they have also been tested on a Lenovo laptop with all 8GB usable with both installed. In the NUC I have tried both sticks on its own in both slots and the BIOS always recognizes 4GB installed.


      BIOS revision 0028.


      Any help is appreciated.