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    The problem with the program of Intel Anti-Theft


      Having bought a laptop (Sony SVS1511V9R), I saw the already established this program. I'm used to the fact that once a week, my computer suddenly switches off and the program mode DOS asks to enter your password. Today I realized that tired and started looking for information on how to remove it. It turned out that this program is no longer supported, and it is very difficult to remove. I found on the site Intel instructions on how to remove the program from your computer. Established rekoveri tool. I see the following information:

      AT State = Active

      ISV ID = 13100

      Platform ID = PCLPWIBMCXQIA2

      Below there "Unenroll AT" button, clicking on which pops up a message to me that I do not have internet. It is not true! Internet on my computer have moreover both via wifi or through the wire (tried different) - it does not work.
      Please help me to remove this application. Why is this program writes to me that I have no internet when it is?

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