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    Cannot connect to the Edison from Intel IoT XDK




      I have been trying for ages  to connect to my Edison from the IoT XDK to no avail. I keep getting the error: Error on ssh connection: Error: All configured authentication methods failed.

      I have followed all the required steps from the setup tutorial and I still get the same error. However,the surprising thing is that I am able to connect to the board via both the SSH terminal and Serial terminal in the XDK as shown

      ssh proof.PNG

      I am using the latest edison image 159.devkit. The Edison address is, got that from >>ip address | grep wlan0. I have also ran configure_edison --password to set up the password and the board is automatically detected in the XDK,so everything should be fine,but it isn't. Below are the screenshots of the process and the error.



      I do not know what's wrong,this is really frustrating. Kindly assist.