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    formatting issues

      i have revently upgraded my computer to a DP55SB motherboard, however i am still using the original hard drive, with the existing operating system (windows XP) and software. This is causing some driver issues and in attempting to resolve them i am trying to format my drive.


      however when i insert my XP disc and start the boot from there, i come to the problem where the only thing i can use to navigate the initial stages is my keyboard, however the keyboard in this stage is completely unresponsive, nothing i do registers. my theory is that becuase the MB only has USB ports and no PS2 ports, the USB port (and therefor keyboard) is not yet activating from the CD boot. nothing i can do in Bios seems be making the USB keyboard work in the XP setup.


      I think this may be because the Windows XP software is too outdated by the new motherboard, but in the MB information it says it supports windows XP so i'm a bit confused by this.


      i was wondering if anyone knew a way to make the USB keyboard work in windows XP setup and formatting/installation process, or if windows XP is too outdated, and if so, if windows 7 will remove this issue.