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    S1200SPL server board will not boot when UPS USB monitoring cable is connected


      We just built a server based on the S1200SPL server board updated with current BIOS, etc.  A UPS (Tripp Lite Omni VS 1000) monitoring cable is connected to one of the board's USB 2 ports.  When the server is booted, it appears to attempt to boot from the UPS over the USB cable.  The server just waits (not crashes) at the point where boot is expected.  If the USB cable is removed, the server immediately boots from the internal disk.  This is true even though USB device boot is disabled and newly discovered USB devices are put at the end of the USB boot order.  When connected after Windows starts, the UPS USB connection operates normally. How do we get this board to boot from internal storage while the UPS USB cable is connected?  Thank you!