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    Raid 5 Rebuild - 0% After 24 Hours


      Hi All,


      I've just tried to rebuild my 5 x 1TB Raid 5. I've left the PC well over 24 hours now. The system tray icon in Windows 7 shows the raid status as rebuilding however progress is at 0%.


      I have seen it at 1% but then a few minutes later it has reset back to 0%.


      I have switched off anti virus software. The drive is a pure data drive and I am not using it for the operating system.


      I am using 4 Hitachi HDT721010SLA360 drives and 1 Samsung HD103UJ drives (the replacement drive).


      I am running Win 7 Pro.


      Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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          Update: I've now reverted to version 8.8 of IMSM and the same has happened. I have now also tried the beta of the Intel Matrix Storage Technology app. This shows gradual % build. After it reaches just over 1% the rebuild resets and goes back to the start. It takes a few of minutes to get to 1%.

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            Another update:


            I have tried to reuse the "failed" Hitachi drive. It seems to be working, however the rebuild also resets at 1.13%.


            It looks like I may be another victim of the 8.9 version of IMSM. I had installed Win 7 Pro on my PC over a month ago and had no problems with the RAID, but noticed I had not installed the IMSM software. Less than a day after installation I seem to have a phantom drive failure - coincidence ... maybe not.


            Does anyone have any advice or tips for me or will I be forced to rebuild my RAID from scratch by coping all data on to other drives?

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              Please read my post....here



              your invited to answer in that thread.

              btw, at this moment, theres no apparent solution. i hope in the next driver release....

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                New driver release. problem solved.

                no more phantom drive failures !!!


                Driver Name : Intel Rapid Storage Technology


                best working driver versions check :

                Tested on WIN 7    /    3-5 hours rebuild time.


                newer driver version checked :

                Tested on WIN XP PRO   /   8-13 hours rebuild time.