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    S3420GPLX problems error beepcode 1-5-4-4


      I've been searching on the web for a while for a solution to my problem.

      I have a S3420gplx motherboard with a Xeon X3430. With it I have 16gb of ram and an official Intel chassis SC5299-E. I bought the chassis after I got this problem.

      What happened. I had installed my motherboard with processor, cooling (official Intel cooler) and HP RAM (m393b5170gb0-ch9q9 ), when I got the error beep code at post 1-5-4-4 signalling, according to my search results, power control failure.


      This was before I installed the chassis, after I installed the chassis I got the same beep code. What I'm wondering is if the motherboard is dead (or the CPU, PSU, etc) or if I missed something.  I'm running out of options here and I'm beginning to think the worst. Do you guys have any more solutions to this problem?

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          We would like to inform you that the board you are looking support for is end of interactive support (EOIS) but to confirm your thoughts, the issue is do related to power. As a general recommendation, test the board outside the chassis connecting a regular ATX power supply and powering up with a screw driver creating a shortcut on pins 11 and 13 on the front panel. If the issue still persists replace the board, if not; replace the power distribution board or the power supply.