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    GMA X4500HD Black Screen


      I have a DG45ID motherboard and the onboard video is giving me problems.  I'm running windows 7 32 bit on it and when I first installed it ran my 24in monitor's resolution by default (1920x1280).  When I installed the drivers for the video card it would go to a black screen on reboot, I figured out it was the resolution.  If I try to change the resolution to 1920x1280 it would stay black until it reset. I reinstalled windows and never installed the drivers and everything seemed fine.  Now randomly I can no longer get to the 1920x1280 resolution, I had to reboot in low resolution mode and now I can only get up to 1440x900.  Since I did not install any drivers I don't know how this can happen.  Is this a driver problem or a hardware problem?  Can someone point me to video drivers which should absolutely work with win7 32bit?

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          So I installed the intel driver and on restart it worked. A week later and I restarted again and it will no longer work.  What is going on?


          Update: today when I got up I randomly tried 1900x1200 and it worked.  This seems to be completely random.  What is going on?