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    NUC 5i5ryh gives one beep and then doesn't start


      So, yeah, my NUC 5i5ryh has been going fine since September, but recently it does this thing where when I go to turn it on, it beeps once and then just doesn't start.


      Then I go jiggling the mouse and hitting the space bar a bunch of times until it finally responds and starts.


      And yes, I have Googled this and come up with  nothing. Anyone got any clues what's going on with it?

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          Hello, Keleka:


          I would like to know some things about your system:


          1. Are you using any type of adapters for the connection to your monitor or TV?

          2. Is this happening from sleep mode? or cold boot (turn on the unit from complete turn of state).

          3. When the unit starts, do you see any blink code in the power button? or maybe error messages?

          4. Have you tested using a different power supply for the unit?

          5. You could also test your system using different display interfaces (DP, HDMI).


          I look forward to your answer.



          Esteban C

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            1. My NUC is hanging on the back of a monitor and attached to its HDMI. No adapters.

            2. This happens from a cold start only.

            3. Since the NUC is on the back of the monitor, I've never noticed a blink code, and no error messages. (How would it give an error message when it's not displaying anything?)

            4.When you say "different power supply," do you mean like a different surge protector or outlet? I actually recently bought a new surge protector thinking it might help this problem. It didn't.

            5. Might try the other display trick but I kind of don't see what the display has to do with it.


            By the way, lately when I turn it on, if I hear that beginning beep I *don't* hit any keys at all and just wait to see what happens. After a minute or two, the familiar boot tone comes on and it boots up. So maybe my hitting keys in an effort to make it come on wasn't really doing anything.


            The other thing I might note is that our house here is on a solar system with failing batteries. While I don't think we had any particular surges of power (no big storms or anything like that), there was a couple times where the power just stopped suddenly when the batteries got too low. Could that have hurt my NUC in any way? (It's not hooked up to the solar now; I currently have it hooked up to the regular old grid electricity. And no, that doesn't make the problem go away.)


            Thanks for your help,


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              Hello, Keleka:


              Let's do the following, please plug a speaker or headphones to the audio jack in your unit, and double check if you receive any beep codes.


              Blink Codes and Beep Codes for Intel® NUC


              By power supply I mean a different power brick, the one that came with the unit, this would be to discard that as the issue.


              Some other steps that you could try with this issue:


              1. Test the system without RAM, you should receive 3 blinks in the power button, no video will be present.

              2. Test your RAM modules separately on each DIMM slot.

              3. Are you able to access the BIOS? If not, please perform a BIOS recovery by following the instructions here: BIOS Update Instructions for Boards and Kits

              4. Test the system without any additional components, if it works, add one component at a time in order to check if one of them is the problem.


              After performing those steps, please let me know the behavior of your system.



              Esteban C