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    I got TPM error in Intel NUC5PPYH




      Am using S5 wakeup settings in Intel NUC5PPYH. For the first 3months it works fine without getting errors. But now i got TPM error in windows event logger, Due to that my NUC can't power on


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          Hello, KMohanKumar:


          The cause for this error is that when the TPM chip resumes from sleep, it must receive a command to continue a self-test before it is ready to process other commands. On many computers, the system BIOS will issue a command to the TPM chip to continue the self-test. If Windows tries to retrieve a random number while this self-test is being processed, the command fails with TPM_DOING_SELFTEST. When Windows receives this error, it retries up to three times. If the command continues to fail, the operating system logs the event that is mentioned in the "Symptoms" section and then moves on.


          Are you able to enter the BIOS? Could you please let us know the BIOS version installed?


          For further reference https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/2696920.