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    Choppy video/flickering


      Hello if I play YouTube video in full screen mode, the video is very choppy, i.e.. it intensively makes random short loops during playback. The choppy effect is not presented in windowed mode. Similar problem with playback in standalone video player (h264) using Intel ActiveSync. Occasional flickering during playback introduced by very short black screens between consequent frames. Not so intense as in YT fullscreen. This seems to occur with EVR Custom Present renderer. Shortly tried other renderers and they seem to playback correctly.  Anyway EVR custom present was playing the video flawlessly in the past. YT in full screen played smoothly as well before. Because both Flash plugin container and my video player have assigned to use Intel GPU I impute the problem to used GPU or driver from Intel. Any feedback about possible source of the problem / diagnostics will be welcome.

      Using Intel HD4600 and latest driver for Windows 8.1 64bit ( Firefox and plugin container is 64bit.

      BTW. when I open Intel display control panel, Options and support, Informational panel, the control panel crashes. Could be related to the problem.