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    Does the latest RST driver support the older H57 chipset ?


      I use a HP s5570t desktop which has the Intel H57 chipset. It was upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10 and is experiencing a constant 25% CPU usage hit and several minutes of high disk usage after booting. It is a single SATA drive but the BIOS is configured as RAID. I want to change it to AHCI.

      1. I want to change the BIOS setting for the drive to AHCI. Any issues with this?

      2. The current installed RST driver is v9.5.7.1002 which is the original driver that came with the system.

        a. Do I need RST for this drive set as AHCI or would it be better to just uninstall it?

        b. If RST will be useful for this system, will the latest RST version support the older H57 chipset? I do not see it in the supported list.