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    Edison powerful enough to encode video?


      I want to build a road cam that can also monitor my electric car's CAN bus and report the current charge level over wifi. Is the Edison powerful enough to encode video from a decent camera?

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          I think it would be safe to assume that the Edison is capable enough to do everything you're looking for. Look at the guide here: Intel Edison IP Webcam - All The author connected a USB camera to his Edison and streamed live video across WiFi to his PC, so CAN bus data and charge level data should be a light load, comparatively.


          Granted, I'm not certain what camera you were planning to use for your road cam, the one in the guide probably has a relatively low resolution. If you're planning on storing the data from the road camera instead of sending it through WiFi as well, you probably should look into getting an SD card expansion board(something like this) since the Edison has a very small storage size.