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    Intel Chipset Device software (INF Update Utility-EXE only) failed to install version 10.0.27.


      I am running windows 7 64bit home premium. My processor is an Intel Core i5-3570K. The Intel driver update utility detects version 6.1.7601.17514 and recommends version 10.0.27. Download is successful, but the install fails. I restarted the computer, and ran the program again. It failed again. I had a peek through these forums, and someone recommended I download the drivers here:


      Download Intel® Chipset Device Software (INF Update Utility)


      I downloaded the drivers, extracted them, and ran the install, but the Driver Update Utility still detects version 6.1.7601.17514 on my computer, even after a reboot.


      I'm stuck. I've no idea why it won't update. Seems like more than a few people are experiencing similar issues, but so far I can't find a fix.