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      My DX79SI motherboard is running like a champ but i do have one question. The BIOS posts codes to the on-board LED display and the monitor as well. Is there a way to disable the POST messages being displayed on the monitor? The LED display is perfect but I would like to only have the POST code on the LED and not the monitor. Thanks for any assistance.



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          Intel put out some BIOS releases that provided a parameter that allowed the onscreen POST code display to be enabled/disabled. Whether they did it for this board I am not sure. Go into BIOS Setup and look to see if it is there (sorry, I no longer have access to one of these boards to check myself)...



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            If there is an option I'm just not seeing it. I double checked the BIOS version and it is version 650 which was the last one available. I'll keep digging around. Maybe there is another way to set that BIOS option.

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              I went ahead and pulled down the Intel Integrator Toolkit in order to see if there was something that could be customized in the BIOS display options but there isn't anything about POST code enable/disable. I can disable displaying POST function keys but not the actual codes.