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    NUC6i5SYH whea_unrecoverable error.


      EstebanC_Intel -


      Do you work for Intel? My NUC6i5SYH was working well for over a week, but suddenly yesterday morning I started getting whea_uncorrectable (or is it unrecoverable?) errors. It usually gets into Windows and runs for a few minutes (< 3) and then gives me the whea_unrecoverable error. So far I tried:

      - restoring to point a couple of days ago when everything was working fine

      - removing and re-seating the SSD and memory


      Should I do a memory check? What test do you recommend? I have the latest BIOS (0033) and I reset all BIOS settings to default. I'm starting to see more and more posts about this and it looks like a hardware issue.


      Other ideas before resorting to returning it? if it is hardware, will a replacement have the same issue?