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    Intel Core 2 Duo t5870 vs Pentium Dual Core t4200

      Hi, I am currently shopping for a laptop and found a great price on the Asus X5DIJ. Well, two good prices, but they are quoting two different processors.

      The cheaper of the two, by £20 has the Pentium t4200 (important bit: 1MB l2 cache)

      The more expensive on has the Core 2 Duo t5870 (important bit: 2mb l2 cache)

      Having searched the net for a decent comparison, all I can find is that cpubenchmark.net rates the Pentium t4200 higher (a score of 1,240 to the t5870's 1,068).

      Which is the best choice? Is the t5870, being a core2 duo the better choice? Is the 2mb cache worth the extra £20? Even if the t4200 has been given a higher rating by a reputable website?

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          Here is a link which can give you a good comparison.



          Actually, the CPU T4200 is a 45 nm, in theory it should not heat too much which is a good factor.


          Now regarding the cache size, it all depends on what type of application that you are going to use, for example picture, video editing would defintely need a better cache size.


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