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    Intel DG41TY desktop board and HDMI


      Will an Intel DG41TY board support an HDMI graphics card? Thanks!

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          What you have asked is a bit ambiguous. Here are answers to both interpretations of the question:


          1. The on-board graphics subsystem has both VGA and DVI-D outputs. It is possible to utilize a DVI to HDMI adapter/cable (US$10 example at Amazon.com) and thus connect to a HDMI TV (for example). Understand that this HDMI signal will not include audio, however. If you want a full HDMI with audio, you will need a more sophisticated (and more expensive!) DVI+Audio to HDMI converter (US$70 example at Amazon.com). Similarly, there are also VGA+Audio to HDMI adapters (US$20 example at Amazon.com) that you could use - and which are a lot cheaper!
          2. The board has a PCIe x16 slot and can support an add-in graphics card. Many of these have an HDMI output. Be careful going this route; many of the latest graphics card will not work in a board this old.


          Hope this helps,